Is Black Mold Destroying Your Home and Health

“The Unadulterated Truth About Black Mold: What You Don’t Know Is Destroying Your Home And Your Health”

Whether you need to find out if you’re living with mold, have an existing situation that needs repaired or want to prevent black mold altogether… there are very specific things that separate the successful jobs from the thousands of horror stories we see in the media. On this call, you will learn what those differences are, and exactly how you can apply them to your own situation to wipe out any black mold threat in your homeand re-claim your health… Almost Overnight!

Here are just 7 of the strategies that will be revealed about Black Mold

  • The 5 tell-tale danger signs of black mold… any one of these puts you, your family, and your home at risk

  • How to find out if black mold is the cause of your health problems — without a visit to the doctor’s office
  • The 3-step method to locating mold… that anyone can do, without spending a fortune to hire a professional
  • Why everything you thought you knew about cleaning mold is dead wrong… (the systematic approach to wiping out mold, and getting the job done right, the first timearound)
  • The 7 DEADLY mistakes you must never make when dealing with mold… (most people are making these mistakes, which virtually guarantee you’ll becomethe next news statistic)
  • How to find an ethical contractor in your area that won’t rip you off and take advantage of you… If you don’t know this secret, you’re just asking to be taken to the cleaners
  • Why you NEVER want to tell your insurance agent about a water damage or mold problem in your home… until you take this step first